Aspiring to provide the students with an exceptional academic environment, this institute soon managed to recruit experienced faculty members and at present, it offers various courses at associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s levels in the fields of engineering, Humanities, management and accounting. 
    As for prestigious honors and titles, this institute has been selected as the leading non-profit institute of higher education in Fars Province. It ranks first among its peer institutes in terms of the number and percentage of students’ acceptance in master's entrance exam for public universities. In addition, it has won numerous awards in sports competitions and cultural events.
    Furthermore, Zand Institute of Higher Education is dedicated to offering the best educational quality by recruiting highly eligible and experienced faculty members, observing the teacher-student ratio, and creating an exceptional educational environment for the students. Also, it strives to reduce its dependence on tuition and boost vitality among students through cultural and sports programs.
    Other benefits of studying at Zand Institute of Higher Education include a variety of educational fields and levels, experienced professors and lecturers from the University of Shiraz, the accessibility of its central library to the database of Regional Information Center for Science and Technology (RICeST), the employment of wireless Internet connection all around the campus, its dormitory for female students, interest-free loans for students, well-equipped and up-to-date workshops, and its connection with reputable job markets in the country.
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